London Dog Trainers Dog Training is a voluntary organisation that is set up to help its members to obedience train their dogs. Given the number of members, and dogs, that attend the different classes, there are some basic rules that all members, and their visitors, must follow to ensure that Club meetings are conducted in an effective and safe manner. All members must sign up to these rules as a condition of joining the Club to train.

London Dog Trainers recognises that it has a duty to ensure the well being of its members during Club meetings and it will conduct itself in a way that is consistent with that duty.

London Dog Trainers will ensure that:

There are adequate facilities, resources and arrangements in place to provide a safe training environment

  1. Health and safety information and training is provided as required
  2. There are regular reviews of its policies and practices in this regard.

In return, all members must accept the following conditions of membership.

  1. Take reasonable care of their own, and others, health and safety whilst at the Club.
  2. Enter and leave the Training Centre in a safe and responsible manner. Drive at walking pace upon entering the car park area and park in an orderly manner.
  3. Sign in at the Reception Area immediately on arrival and give notification of any accompanying visitors. Advise visitors of their responsibilities in support of the Club.
  4. Keep their dog under control at all times. Dogs must be kept on a short lead unless asked to do otherwise by an instructor during a lesson.
  5. Advise their instructor of any history of aggression in their dog, particularly when registering their dog for the first time.
  6. Do not ask any non-member to stand-in for them at Club meetings - they are not insured.
  7. Enter the training area only when invited to do so by their instructor for the start of their lesson. Leave the training area at the end of the lesson. Advise visitors to stay within the spectator area unless invited, by an instructor, to watch a lesson.
  8. Wear clothing that is suitable for dog training work in a sand arena, for example, stout shoes, trainers and walking boots are fine, but sandals and high-heeled shoes are not.
  9. Pick up all of their dog’s droppings with the bags provided and deposit in the bin.
  10. Do not interfere with anything provided for health and safety reasons.
  11. Report any hazard or risk that could be a health and safety concern and any incident or accident whether or not personal injury was sustained.
  12. In the event of an emergency, leave the training area via the quickest and safest route and assemble at the entrance to the car park. Members to take account of any visitors that accompanied them.
  13. Support the Committee in the implementation of this policy.

While every effort is taken to ensure you & your dogs safety by ensuring dogs are kept on lead while training but as part of the training includes dogs working off lead  we can't be held liable for dogs that cause injury to other dogs or members training.

London Dog Trainers or its instructors are not liable for injury to person or persons, dogs or members of the public attending its club training sessions or any of its events and are not liable for any illnesses or injuries handlers or dogs may get directly or indirectly from attending training or events and is the sole responsibility of the owners and spectators to ensure they read this prior to signing below.

While every effort is taken to ensure your safety when undertaking protection dog training, we are not liable for any injuries to yourself or members of your family as a result of your dog being trained in protection and advise you of this prior to undertaking protection training for your dog.

Also, as per the Club Rules,

Never knowingly bring to Club meeting any dog that has been in contact with any form of illness. Moreover, in the event of their dog displaying any suspicious symptoms following a training class will immediately inform the Club Secretary in order that the other members may be informed and suitable precautions taken.