Here at UKDA ESSEX & KENT IPO CLUB we will train your dog to a high level in protection whether it be for civil or sport, saying that not every dog is suitable to undertake protection we will however give your dog every oppurtunity to try protection.

That will be starting off with the basics of ragger work on a soft rag or tug, then progressing on to the poles this gives the trainers the option of concentrating just on the dog and not having to worry about the handlers position or experience though the handler usually works alongside his dog when working on the poles as to encourage his or her dog, then on to soft sleeves, half sleeves, full sleeves and so on as they progress & develop.

We train all dogs without useing harsh training methods as in our opinion this just ends up breaking more dogs than it creates good ones, and in all likely hood will make them aggressive in various situations so you will never fully trust the dog.

We will teach your dog to understand the difference between a threat and non threat this is done using methods we have gained over years of experience training service dogs as well as home protection dogs.

Far too often we have seen highly aggressive dogs trained  in a line with other dogs and the bite helper running around cracking a whip putting the dogs into a frenzy all this tends to achieve is dog on dog aggression as the dogs are not a 100% focused on what they are supposed to be doing, when training protection there is a maximum of 2 dogs trained at any one time taking into account the sex of the dogs, age & level of experience as some times we will bring a more experienced dog out to show the green dog that to get the reward they need to bark & come forward all the time the trainer is moulding & encouraging the dog not hitting it making it aggressive that is not our way of training as we want dogs that can be in the public domain & a family environment.

You can contact NASDU direct for references or any of our clients which there is a list available, or speak to any of our club members who train with us on a regular basis.

Don't be too disappointed if your dog is not a natural in protection as not every dog is, my own female is one of them yet my male has excellent handler protection so every dog is different & taking the time with my female who is just over 2 yrs old is may be all it needs as this is one area of training that can't be taken lightly but I certainly won't force aggression into her to acheive good protection as this will do far more harm to her mental stability & is in itself a violation of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

                                                                         The picture below is me training with Ruud Broeders in Holland

Ian Alexander - Ruud Broeders - Michael Mc Cann


Training in Holland with Ruud Broeders , Ruud is a world championship bite helper I visited & trained with him to work on my own bite helper techniques.

Working Hera Hirana Von Hunnoterra

Working one of our members Elaines dogs